At Gravity Fitness there is more than one way to get fit, achieve your goals and have fun.

There are lots of different classes and fitness services at Gravity Fitness that can help you achieve all you body and fitness desires, without having to step foot into a commercial gym. We understand that gyms can be intimidating, and a lot of the time individuals don’t know what exercises or types of programmes to follow to achieve the best results. This private fitness studio will allow you to train in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment, where you will be provided with the best training plan for you, to achieve the best results possible.

We also understand that getting fit can be boring and become a chore. Not at Gravity Fitness! We offer Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance Fitness which will open your eyes to a whole new way of getting fit, toning your body and ultimately, having so much fun.

Gravity Fitness wants the best for all its aerial students and fitness clients and that is why we make a special effort to listen to every individuals goals to make sure you are always getting the most out of your workout.


We guarantee and offer you:

  • Fully Qualified and Insured instructors in Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance Fitness.
  • Qualified and Insured Personal Trainer who has experience in understanding each individuals’  body image and fitness goals.
  • Offering private Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance Fitness tuition and practice space for Beginners up to Experienced aerialist.
“ Its Time To Trust My Instincts, Close My Eyes…And Leap. ”